Naomi Steinberg
with Naomi Steinberg, Executive
Director of the Vancouver Society of Storytelling

Why are stories so powerful?

We are slowly bringing balance into our relationship with nature, but the process has thrown much of humanity into confusion. People feel overwhelmed with the many seemingly independent events that overlap and need to be organized.

Sometimes this feeling of being overwhelmed leads to stress and confusion, other times to numbness, and a sense of powerlessness at being able to effect any change at all. Professional Storyteller Naomi Steinberg uses story as an antidote to this information overload.

Humans are wired for order and sequence. Storytelling not only helps create order, but brings meaning to this order by helping both the teller and the listener experience new worlds and different perspectives. Story brings cohesion to the human experience. When viewed in this way, Naomi believes storytelling is more a ritual than a performance. Join our discussion as we learn the tools of the storytelling profession and how using story will bring clarity to your life.

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Date:            Thursday, November 21, 2013  —  12:00 – 1:30 pm

Location:       Suite 700 – 1090 West Georgia Street, Vancouver
                    Adler School of Professional Psychology
                    (Southeast corner of Georgia at Thurlow Street)

Cost:            Without lunch: $10
With lunch:   non-members $20;  members $15

Lunch:          Catered sandwiches, salad, tea and coffee
(Advance Registration required for lunch)

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About Our Speaker:

Naomi Steinberg tells stories to “walk down a bit of the road together.” Connecting with 4 year olds to 84 year olds, the experiences continue to be marvelous and unique. With over 13 years of facilitating creative engagement in diverse communities, Naomi is continually amazed at the ability of the story ritual to break down walls and craft relationships.

The current Executive Director of the Vancouver Society of Storytelling, Naomi builds appreciation for the art in all of its aspects and applications. This work has taken her around the world from India to Israel to Palestine. Across all of these cultures is one constant – to be a storyteller, you first have to be a storylistener. Soon, people around the world will be able to listen to Naomi’s stories as she undertakes a world tour. To learn more please visit

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