Olga Kotelko


with Olga Kotelko, Super Athlete in International track and field
at the age of 95

Can We Turn Back the Clock?

Olga Kotelko is a Super Athlete actively competing in International Track & Field. She is 95 years old. What she has learned over her long life will be an inspiration to anyone who wants to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual health as they get older. She believes old age isn’t a disease any more than infancy. When it comes to health and wellness, seniors aren’t just part of the problem, they can actually be part of the solution.

Olga’s belief system is steeped in the Christian faith, which has provided her with guidance and direction throughout her life. In honouring her spiritual self, she has been better able to manage adversities; develop clarity of purpose; and increase her energy and self-confidence.

Olga believes that the body cannot be considered alone without the mind and spirit and that these are critical for experiencing a long, happy and healthy life.

Thursday, May 15, 2014 — 12:00 – 1:30 pm

Suite 700 – 1090 West Georgia Street, Vancouver
Adler School of Professional Psychology
(Southeast corner of Georgia at Thurlow Street)

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Catered sandwiches, salad, tea and coffee
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About our Speaker

During her 34 years as a teacher, Olga Kotelko taught her students the importance of developing good health and energetic fitness habits for their overall well-being.

Following retirement she launched a new career as a Master Athlete. As of 2014, Olga, at 95, has broken 26 world records in track and field and earned over 700 medals. She competes around the world in long jump, high jump, 100m and 200m, hammer, discus, javelin and shot put. Throughout her athletic career, she has been one of the most outstanding ‘super seniors’ on the circuit.

Olga has written a book entitled: Olga, The OK Way to a Healthy, Happy Life. This is not meant to be a memoir as she didn’t want to stay trapped in never-ending nostalgia. She wants people who read her story to believe that it is possible to embark on the road to health – one firm step at a time – by starting to move in the direction of well-being.