WORKPLACE ETHICS: Facing an organizational dilemma

with Larry Axelrod, Ph.D., Dean, Vancouver Campus, Adler School of Professional Psychology


Who wins a workplace battle between right vs. right?

An ethical employee knows right from wrong and takes the right path when given the opportunity. This simple way of looking at workplace ethics is reassuring, it allows us to place blame on an individual when the wrong path is taken. However, it fails to account for workplace demands and the influence of culture – the complexity of a workplace where there is often no clear wrong or right.

According to Dr. Larry Axelrod, these workplace decisions are especially challenging when personal ethics are at odds with the ethical expectations of the organization taking us back to a broader issue: How do workplace ethics develop? And then, can an organization change an employees’ ethical perspective? Finally, how can an organization foster sound ethical decision-making in these situations? Join us for breakfast as we explore the complicated world of ethical dilemmas at work.

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Date:            Wednesday, December 11, 2013  —  7:15 – 8:30 am

Location:       BC HYDRO Building
                    333 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver
                    2nd Floor, Auditorium
                    (Check-in at Security Desk – Main floor lobby)

Cost:            Members – $7.00     Non-Members – $10.00
                    – muffins, tea and coffee included

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About Our Speaker:

Larry Axelrod, Ph.D. is Dean of the Vancouver campus of the Adler School of Professional Psychology. He served on the Vancouver Hospital Ethics Committee for six years and has extensive knowledge of professional ethics. Prior to his role as Dean, Larry served as president of The Neutral Zone Coaching and Consulting Services, where he provided strategic facilitation, education and training, and direct-case intervention (mediation, assessment, investigation) for public- and private-sector organizations, locally and nationally.

Larry has presented at many professional conferences and seminars on topics ranging from human rights, diversity and leadership to change management and effective communication and conflict resolution. He is also co-author of Turning Conflict into Profit: A Roadmap for Resolving Personal and Organizational Disputes, published by The University of Alberta Press.

Besides earning a Ph.D. in social psychology from UBC, Larry has an M.A. in social psychology from San Francisco State University and a B.A. in communications from the University of Illinois at Urbana. His studies have included a wide range of social and organizational dynamics including attitude formation, value systems, theories of motivation, environmental activism, modes of conflict resolution, and influences of power and authority. Larry lives with his wife and two sons in North Vancouver. For more information about Larry Axelrod and the Adler School of professional Psychology.

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